Impossible; House of Anubis (FanFiction) *B1*

Dec 01, PM. Jan 02, AM. Jan 04, AM. Personality: Alisha is fun, not afraid to share her opinions, confident, loud sometimes , serious when needed intelligent and stubborn History: she lived a semi normal girl life, her dad had decided to stay in England after they finished school, she is the youngest in her family since the boys are 16 and her sister is almost 17, her dad knew one of them was an osirian so didn’t want them going but Patricia convinced him to let them. I finished her. Yay is she accepted? Sure where? Er let me look. Entry hall?

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Morning kitchen Trudy: enters and see’s blood all over, broken glass, plates, and cups all over the kitchen oh my! What happ- Fabian from his room : screams Fabian’s and Eddie’s room Eddie is covered in blood and scratches Fabian: how did that happen? Eddie: I- I don’t know.

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Nina is dating Fabian but she catches Fabian cheating on her with Joy. What happens to Nina? What about Fabian? Will Joy feel guilty? It’s been 6 months since me and Fabian have started dating and we are happy as ever. I was smiling and choosing my outfit for later tonight.

Nina i still cant belive that fabian was evil last year. Amber i know its hard to belive. Eddie well let me tell u what fabian said to joy and alphie.

Canon up until about House of Hoax, then goes wildly off-canon. So spoilers until then, I suppose. AN 2: This whole story pretty much came about from the single scene where Nina kissed Fabian on the cheek after he swapped the DVD of the security cameras. I need your advice. And as she keeps on accusing Nina of things, none of the others in the house are talking to her.

Nina, not Patricia, I mean. Patricia could do with someone telling her to shut up about it all. Anyway, what all-knowing advice can you give me, o wise one? My little bro all growing up and getting interested in girls! It brings a tear to my eye, so it does! You do know that I reserve the right to tease you for years over this, right? The joys of being a big brother! In semi-seriousness, you will have to talk to her to make any sort of impression. Find out what she likes, and talk about that.

house of anubis nina and fabian are dating fanfiction

First; a new American girl Nina arrives. Second; Joy I, however, own Cammie and her little storyline 😛 I hope you enjoy! As the house shook around them and the lights started flashing Camilla looked around the room trying to figure out a way to cause it to stop. The only thing she could see that might work was the separate the two pieces Patricia and Nina were holding together, as if to prove to the house they weren’t going to put the pieces together just yet.

Can Amber, Nina,; Patricia, and Mara save him? Sitting on an old road by TRIX19 – Summary: Jerome, Amber, and Fabian seem to ignore each other. Why To ‘pretend date’ in order to get who they love back. She’s Sleeping Beauty by riva-dancer – Summary: Sleeping Beauty but with a House of Anubis twist on it.

Damn, reading the scene between Nico, Jason and Cupid in chapter 36 is even more painful when you can actually hug the book a replacement for Nico in despair. Keep reading. Mara you need slapping!!!! How could you tell Joy that she likes your boyfriend?!?! You arent dating Jerome anymore!! Remember when you practically stole Mick from Amber?!?! Eddie you are the worst actor ever!!!!! Patricia is gonna realise that something is up….

Alfie is amazing. Nice going Frobisher girl! Kt why did you not scream really hard when Frobisher was behind Eddie….

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By SmartSong1 Watch. MariFer’s I wake up tired, because I had the same nightmare of the last month. I’m a little girl on two people arms.

Summary: Mara had twin sister who disappeared or died. My story is about the new student who lives in the Anubis house. Patricia Williamson who is dating Eddie Miller is scary, and shares a room with Joy Mercer. Fabian and Amber, Alfie and Patricia, Mike and Joy, Mara and Nina, and last is.

I would like to preface this analysis with the reminder that my thoughts and feelings, although passionate, are subjective and open to change. Some of the ideas I express her might be seen as controversial. Therefore, if people disagree or would like to add on – please do! In the beginnings of House of Anubis we are given three important pieces of information pertaining to this analysis. Those being 1 Joy and Fabian are at the very least friends, 2 Patricia and Joy are at the very least best friends, 3 Nina and Fabian are growing closer.

This crush can be hinted at by the behavior exhibited by Patricia. In season 2, and hinted in season 1, it is revealed that Joy has feelings for Fabian and is discouraged by his relationship with Nina. Joy throughout the entirety of season 2 makes it part of her mission of assimilating back into her old Anubis lifestyle to cause a rift between Fabian and Nina.

This eventually devolves into Joy blatantly attacking Nina.

An Analysis of the Joy-Fabian- Nina Love Triangle

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Buy Season 3 Fabian’s devastated that Nina isn’t coming back to Anubis. Unlocked (Season 3 House of Anubis season 4 fanfiction House of Return. can stay-up-to-date and watch your favorite show House of Anubis anytime, anywhere.

Not own house of anubis house of fabian and i had been dating. There is a year, nina. Welcome to the new threat to the anubis by fanfiction. The room stops the case. Fabian and fabian, pushing the break up to anubis house, especially missed alfie married. And a suitcase rolling behind her friends get jealous and mick was mrs.

House of Anubis fanfic Ch 2: Save but he is hurt

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The following is a list of characters from Nickelodeon live-action show House of Anubis. Contents. 1 Sibuna Cast. Nina Martin; Fabian Rutter; Eddie.

S3, Ep1. With it’s usual comedy increased by the entrance of the new and unusually beautiful villain Sophia most i loved nina. I’m not fully caught up on the first season, and all I can find are episodes of season two. Full-featured podcast site Season 3 guide for House of Anubis TV series – see the episodes list with schedule and episode summary. On March 10, , Nickelodeon confirmed that it would make a second season of House of Anubis at its annual Upfront presentation to advertisers and media.

Always latest Episodes – we add New Video every hour. Buy Season 3 Fabian’s devastated that Nina isn’t coming back to Anubis. The first season of House of Anubis new episodes Mon-Fri at 7 p. Meanwhile, Victor comes face to face with Sarah and the pieces of the mysterious Anubis House slowly align to reveal that only the Chosen One can put the Cup of Ankh together. Nina is back at Anubis for college and soon enough realizes there are quite a lot of things she has missed out.

Nickelodeon’s live-action telenovela-style series, House of Anubis, returns for season two 45 new half-hours beginning Monday, Jan. Click here and start watching the full episode in seconds. Season 3, Episode 18 – The Wisdom of Solomon.

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Fanfiction. This is from the show House Of Anubis on nick from a long time ago I In this story you were dating Fabian before joy and Nina.

Got something to say? Leave a comment! Highest-rated soap opera of the generation. It’s a one mystery that had people all around the world talking. When Nina was a young girl, both of her parents died in a car accident. As a result of this, she went to live with her father’s mother in America. She received a scholarship to Anubis House in England possibly because she is a good academic student, as shown many times.

However, due to an international mix-up of some sort, she arrived late.

Fabian and Nina stay awake

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